Permanent, washable Electrostatic Power cabinet air filter

ElectroMaze Air Filters began more than three decades ago with the idea there was a better way to make an air filter. There was.

We developed and introduced a permanent, cleanable air filter manufactured using a woven polypropylene media and an ABS plastic frame. We designed these precision filters to maximize air flow in equipment with instrument air cooling fans while filtering a variety of particulate matter. They are low resistance air filters that are lightweight and durable. And all of our filters are permanent and easily cleaned with compressed air or water. Just a quick blow of air or flush of water and the filter is ready to be re-installed.

For OEM customers, our filters are custom engineered to help you solve your design challenges; including thermal management, enclosure cooling, air flow, dust contamination and size limitations. We offer quick turnaround of prototypes. Always shipping within three days and at no charge to you.

For HVAC customers, our filters offer the best balance of low resistance and high arrestance. And are very easy for your customers to take care of.

We are a globally recognized supplier in the following industries: telecommunications, medical, electronics, industrial, lighting, military and HVAC.

Our family owned company has grown over the years by always looking for the better way to meet your unique filtration needs.


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Family Business Partnership

Founded in 1975, we have built our reputation in the filtration business based on integrity and providing solidly built products to our customers

quality filtration with custom permanent cleanable air filters

Our products have earned the trusted UL approval



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