ES Series
Permanent, cleanable electrostatic air filters

Extended Surface media, characterized by its pleated weave construction, offers the lowest possible resistance to air flow. The pleated weave design features low resistance to air flow with the ability to capture airborne dust. Lightweight construction yet durable and very easy to clean. The ES Series is the ideal choice for equipment and enclosures requiring permanent, cleanable air filters.

Recommended for fan enclosures in the medical, electronics, industrial, lighting, telecommunications and military electronics industries.

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Technical Information:



Custom made to any size


One direction air flow


With or without frame


Media Specifications:

Polypropylene, pleated weave construction
.188” (4.77mm) thickness (approximately)
Black/blue color
Maximum operating temperature 200° F (93.3° C)

ES Series permanent cleanable air filters

Frame Specifications:

High impact ABS plastic
.25” (6.35mm)
.44” (11.18mm)
Available in black
Frameless filters available

ES Series permanent cleanable air filters


Framed Filters

+/- .03” (.76mm) L x W


+/- .03” (.26mm) thickness

Frameless Filters

+/- .01” (.26mm) L x W


+/- .03” (.76mm) thickness



Drill holes
Pull tab
Hook and loop
Frameless filters can be die cut into a variety of shapes


UL 900


Filter Performance Data
Model Average Synthetic Dust Initial Resistance *
ES 58% 0.02
* inches water gauge
Tests performed to ASHRAE Air Filter test Standard 52-76 at 300 FPM



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