How to Purchase an ElectroMaze Air Filter:

ElectroMaze Air Filters are available nationwide!

Please contact your local HVAC company. Contractors that do not carry our filter can contact us at or 1-800-445-3684.

How to Care for Your ElectroMaze Air Filter:

On a monthly basis, follow these easy steps:

  • Simply remove the air filter from your system.
  • Rinse or flush both sides with water.
  • Spray water against the side with the least amount of dust. This way the dust is not pushed back through the filter.
  • You may also spray with a household cleaner then rinse thoroughly with water (do not use spray oils or other chemical sprays, this will reduce the electrostatic effect).
  • Drain excess water and reinstall. Note, filter does not need to be completely dry.
  • Do not exceed air or water temperature of 200°F, this will damage the filter material.

That’s all there is to it!

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How often should I clean my filter?

We recommend cleaning your filter every 30 days when the system is running.

Why is my white filter now a gray/brown color?

Over years of use, the dirt discolors the white fabric. It’s still filtering as well as the first day it was installed. No need to replace your filter!

Do I need to install the filter in one direction?

No, either side is fine. The filter will effectively clean the air in your home in either direction.

What is “electrostatic”?

It’s based on the simple principle of “static electricity”, similar to the way hair is attracted to a comb after it’s been rubbed against a sweater. Our four layers of polypropylene media have an inherent electrostatic charge. When the ventilation system pulls the dirt particle filled air through the filter, the movement creates friction, attracting the particles to the media. The particles are then released when the filter is cleaned with water. No electrical connection is required.

Do I need to modify my heating and air conditioning system to install an ElectroMaze Air Filter?

No changes are needed, it simply replaces your current air filter.



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